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GNU Emacs major mode for editing PicoLisp-Wiki files


picolisp-wiki-mode is a major mode for editing text files for PicoLisp-Wiki in GNU Emacs. picolisp-wiki-mode is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL.


picolisp-wiki-mode requires easymenu, a standard package since GNU Emacs 19 and XEmacs 19, which provides a uniform interface for creating menus in GNU Emacs and XEmacs.


Make sure to place picolisp-wiki-mode.el somewhere in the load-path and add the following lines to your .emacs file to associate picolisp-wiki-mode with .text files:

(autoload 'picolisp-wiki-mode "picolisp-wiki-mode"
   "Major mode for editing Picolisp-Wiki files" t)
(setq auto-mode-alist
   (cons '("\\.text" . picolisp-wiki-mode) auto-mode-alist))  

There is no consensus on an official file extension so change .text to .plw, .lw, .lwik, or whatever you call your picolisp-wiki files.


Although no configuration is necessary there are a few things that can be customized. The M-x customize-mode command provides an interface to all of the possible customizations.


Keybindings for inserting are grouped by prefixes based on their function. For example, commands inserting links and lists begin with C-c C-l, those inserting floating content with C-c C-f, all other inserting commands with C-c C-c. The primary commands in each group will are described below. You can obtain a list of all keybindings by pressing C-c C-h.

;; Element insertion
"\C-c\C-l n" Insert Internal Link
"\C-c\C-l x" Insert External Link
"\C-c\C-l u" Insert Unordered List
"\C-c\C-l o" Insert Ordered List
"\C-c\C-l i" Insert List Item
"\C-c\C-f l" Insert Left-Floating-Content
"\C-c\C-f n" Insert Non-Floating Content
"\C-c\C-f r" Insert Right-Floating-Content
"\C-c\C-c k" Insert Line Breaks
"\C-c\C-c 1" Insert Header 1
"\C-c\C-c 2" Insert Header 2
"\C-c\C-c 3" Insert Header 3
"\C-c\C-c 4" Insert Header 4
"\C-c\C-c 5" Insert Header 5
"\C-c\C-c 6" Insert Header 6
"\C-c\C-c b" Insert Bold
"\C-c\C-c i" Insert Italic
"\C-c\C-c u" Insert Underlined
"\C-c\C-c p" Insert Pre Block
"\C-c\C-c c" Insert Comment
"\C-c\C-c -" Insert Horizontal Rule (hr)
;; Visibility cycling
"<tab>" Picolisp Wiki Cycle
"<S-iso-lefttab>" Picolisp Wiki Shifttab
;; Header navigation
"C-M-n" Outline Next Visible Heading
"C-M-p" Outline Previous Visible Heading
"C-M-f" Outline Forward Same Level
"C-M-b" Outline Backward Same Level
"C-M-u" Outline Up Heading

Many of the commands described above behave differently depending on whether Transient Mark mode is enabled or not. When it makes sense, if Transient Mark mode is on and a region is active, the command applies to the text in the region (e.g., C-c C-c b makes the region bold). For users who prefer to work outside of Transient Mark mode, in Emacs 22 it can be enabled temporarily by pressing C-SPC C-SPC.

Outline Navigation:

picolisp-wiki-mode supports outline-minor-mode as well as org-mode-style visibility cycling for PicoLisp-Wikli-style headers. There are two types of visibility cycling: Pressing S-TAB cycles globally between the table of contents view (headers only), outline view (top-level headers only), and the full document view. Pressing TAB while the point is at a header will cycle through levels of visibility for the subtree: completely folded, visible children, and fully visible.

  • Outline Navigation:

    Navigation between headings is possible using outline-mode. Use C-M-n and C-M-p to move between the next and previous visible headings. Similarly, C-M-f and C-M-b move to the next and previous visible headings at the same level as the one at the point. Finally, C-M-u will move up to a lower-level (more inclusive) visible heading.

FIXED: different header levels are NOW recognized by the outine commands.


picolisp-wiki-mode is based on markdown.el (available from ELPA). It has benefited greatly from the efforts of the following people:

  • Thorsten Jolitz tjolitz [at] gmail [dot] com


picolisp-wiki-mode is developed and tested primarily using GNU Emacs 24, compatibility with earlier Emacsen is no priority. For bugs and todo's, see the file in the github-repo.

If you find any bugs in picolisp-wiki-mode, please construct a test case or a patch and email me at tjolitz [at] gmail [dot] com.


picolisp-wiki-mode was written and is maintained by Thorsten Joltiz. The first version (0.9) was released on Sept 01, 2012. For further information see the file in the github-repo.


GNU Emacs major mode for Editing PicoLisp-Wiki files






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