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Dante over WebSockets

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Dante over WebSockets

This is a sample node.js application that streams Dante's Divine Comedy, Canto 1, to the browser client over WebSockets, one stanza every 2 seconds.

Instructions for self-hosting

Install dependencies:

npm install

Start a server using

node server-socketio.js

or start a server using faye-websockets:

node server-faye.js

Then open your browser and navigate to:


Instructions for hosting in IIS 8.0

You must be running Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8.0 and iisnode v0.2.x or later installed. WebSocket functionality is not available in prior versions of Windows, IIS, or iisnode.

Install dependencies:

npm install

Next, you must set up an IIS application pointing to the location of the code:


To see the demo using, open your browser and navigate to:


To see the demo using faye-websockets, navigate to:



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