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This is a C# compiler for edge.js.

See edge.js overview and edge.js on GitHub for more information.

Building on Windows

  1. Install .NET Core SDK
  2. Install VS 2015 Community
  3. Build edge.js CSharp compiler for .NET Desktop (dll bundled with NPM package) 3.1. Make Release build of src\edge-cs\edge-cs.sln in VS
    3.2. Copy src\edge-cs\bin\Release\edge-cs.dll to lib
  4. Build edge.js CSharp compiler for .NET Core (NuGet package)
    4.1. Run dotnet restore in src\Edge.js.CSharp
    4.2. Build Nuget package with dotnet pack --configuration Release in src\Edge.js.CSharp
  5. Upload src\Edge.js.CSharp\bin\Release\Edge.js.CSharp.1.0.0.nupkg to NuGet gallery through https://www.nuget.org/ (this enables .NET Core scripting)
  6. Install to NPM (this enables .NET Desktop/Mono scripting)