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NowJS Version 0.3 - 3/18/2011

Changes since version 0.2:

  • Breaks Remote functions can no longer use return values. Please pass in and use a callback parameter when you need a return value from your remote call

  • Internet Explorer IE6/7/8 are now supported! There is lower performance when changing the value of a variable inside now, but function calls and remote calls (pushing/pulling) is 100% realtime

Performance Improvements since 0.2:

  • now.js now contains nowUtil.js embedded, reducing number of requests

  • Static files (now.js) are now cached in memory on the server-side, reducing disk reads

  • Reduced per request latency; internal replacing of server/port info with actual server/port is now only done once on server startup

Bug fixes since version 0.2:

  • Safari, IE6/7/8, Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) Safari now supported. nowUtil.js now contains a minified json2.js shim

  • Rare instances when not all attributes of now on client side would be initialized is now fixed

  • Array.isArray replaced with more flexible array check (thanks andref)

  • Changed uses of x in y to .hasOwnProperty(prop)

  • Bugs resulting in cross-port setups not working have been fixed

NowJS Version 0.2 - 3/11/2011

Changes since version 0.1:

  • Unified nowLib.js was split into nowClientLib.js and nowServerLib.js

  • In nowServerLib.js, NowWatcher class was replaced with a Harmony Proxy implementation in proxy.js

  • nowClientLib.js continues to use NowWatcher class for namespace traversal.

Known Issues:

  • Server crashes with a "hasOwnProperty of undefined" error when a client abruptly connects.

  • Library does not expose client connect and disconnect events to the developer.

  • Library does not expose any form of unique client ID to the developer.

  • Library does not provide a way to select particular clients or a single client based on filters/criteria.