An unofficial server for Pokemon GO.
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Unofficial Pokémon GO Server

Gitter Slack

This is a very incomplete and very badly written Pokemon GO server. I'm in the middle of creating it, so if you'd like to help then don't hesitate to send a PR!


npm install && node index

Then get some proxy that you can connect your phone to (I use Fiddler), and forward all requests from to localhost:3000. It doesn't matter what endpoint you send it to, it listens for POSTs everywhere.

Guide for Fiddler here

Supported RPC Requests

Most of these are incomplete and are just for testing.

  • GetPlayer
  • GetHatchedEggs
  • GetInventory
  • CheckAwardedBadges
  • DownloadSettings
  • DownloadRemoteConfigVersion
  • GetAssetDigest
  • GetPlayerProfile
  • GetMapObjects
  • MarkTutorialComplete
  • SetAvatar
  • GetDownloadUrls
  • FortDetails

Known Issues

What's an issue tracker anyway?

  • Client doesn't respond to GetPlayer message correctly (we're probably sending it wrong)
    • Name doesn't appear
    • XP doesn't appear
    • Team isn't set correctly
    • Black box in player profile screen
  • Client freezes after selecting a Pokestop sent by server
  • Various other things


  • Don't put every response in a single file...