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A JavaFx implementation of the board game "Seven Wonders"
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My early game project using JavaFx 2.0 (Now adapted to Java8)

Since its big size, the files currently stay at Google Code


Google Code is shutting down, so I decided to move the source code here.

I will try to fix (should have fixed) some severe issues to make it runnable under the latest Java runtime and reorganize source files in Maven's flavour for the universal deployment , but this is only for the memory.

For other historical bug fixes and further improvements... I prefer a total rewrite if I have enough free time.

Nevertheless, if you are interested, feel free to fork and play with it. :)


Although I messed things up and finally failed to achieve our initial goal, I still want to say "thank you" to the following gentlemen who have given me a lot of help.

  • Advisor
  • Team Members
    • Yang Bao
    • Xingtao Jiang
    • Xingyao Qin
    • Feng Gao
    • Wei Dai
    • Xianqi Chu
    • And all the other good guys who have contributed to this in any way.





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