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🔒 Perhaps the easiest and fastest aestheticizer available
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Subaru is a simple app to make full-width strings from normal text.

It aims to be the easiest and fastest aestheticizer available.


Small size

Internet cepat buat apa? -- Tifatul Sembiring

Clocked in at just 55 KB, Subaru loads fast under the awfully slow Indonesian internet connections. We just want to aestheticize texts, so it has to load quickly.

Of course, it could be smaller, but we want to keep it aesthetic.

Type straight from address bar

Don't waste time to type the string; insert it right from the address bar.

Try it:

Clipboard support

If you copied the string, you don't even have to type the string.

  1. Open
  2. Ctrl-V
  3. Ctrl-C
  4. Magic.

Note that this requires compatible browsers; unless you are still using Internet Explorer, you should be fine.

Running locally

You need node and npm installed on your computer.

  1. Clone the Github repository at
  2. Navigate to the repository folder.
  3. Run npm install --production to install required dependencies.
  4. Run npm start to start the server. By default, it runs on port 8080; change it by declaring PORT environment variable.

Subaru who?

From Mayo Chiki!. Simply the cutest reverse trap ever.

Smile I want to protect


Feel free to submit issues, bugs, and pull requests at GitHub.


Licensed under MIT License.