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Neucore - Alliance Core Services


A web application for EVE Online communities to organise their members into groups, monitor them and provide access to external services.

This application focuses on providing core functionality related to player identities, ESI access and an API that other applications can build upon.


Main features:

  • Management of group memberships, manually and with various ways to automate membership.
  • API for various data including an ESI proxy for all characters.
  • Plugin system for service registration (e.g. Discord, Mumble) and general purposes.
  • Corporation member tracking and character watchlists.
  • ... and much more

For more information, see the doc directory, which also contains some screenshots.

Getting started


See doc/ for installation instructions.

First Login and Customization

  • Login with an EVE character to create an account.
  • Open a console and run backend/bin/console make-admin 1.
  • Navigate to Admin -> Settings and change texts, links and images that are specific to your installation.

Setting up Member Tracking and Watchlists

Group for permissions

  • Go to Administration -> Groups, create a new group and add yourself as a manager.
  • Go to Management -> Groups, select the new group and add yourself as a member.

Member Tracking

  • Click the "Add additional ESI tokens" button on the home page, and then use the "core.tracking" login button to log in a character with director role for your corporation.
  • Open a console and run backend/bin/console update-member-tracking.
  • Go to Administration -> Tracking, select your corporation and add a group you are a member of.
  • Go to Member Data -> Member Tracking and select your corporation.


  • Go to Administration -> Watchlist and add a new watchlist. Open the "View" and "Manage" tabs and add your group.
  • Go to Member Data -> Watchlist -> Settings and add alliances and/or corporations for watching.

Plugins and related Software

See also Plugin documentation.


Software that uses the Neucore API:

OpenAPI clients for the Neucore API:

Final Notes


If you have any questions or feedback, you can join the Neucore Discord Server or contact Tian Khamez on Tweetfleet Slack (get invites here).


If you want to support the development of this application, you can send ISK to the character Tian Khamez so I can spend more time coding instead of earning ISK in the game ;).

Report Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities can be reported privately to


The software was originally developed for the Brave Collective, when CCP shut down the old API, and we had to replace our Core system.

This is also where the name "Neucore" (new Core) comes from.

Copyright notice

Neucore is licensed under the MIT license.

"EVE", "EVE Online", "CCP" and all related logos and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of CCP hf.