GNU Radio module for La Crosse weather stations.
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A sample GNU Radio based application for listening to a Lacrosse weather station with an RTL-SDR. The design is more intended to be intuitive to new users, instead of a tested and proven application.

Example scripts are also provided for transmitting using an Ettus B200.


For Transmitting

Packet Structure

Packets contain a 24 bit ID, the temperature, a checksum, and a few unknown fields. In detail below:

  • Access Code: 0x10 (First 2 MSB don't quite get sent)
  • Preamble: 0xaaaaaaaa
  • ID: 24 bits (Least sig. nibble seems to decrement on subsequent powerups)
  • ???: 4 bits
  • Temp Scale: 4 bits
  • Temp: 8 bits (Approx 0.06 C per bit)
  • ???: 8 bits
  • Checksum: 8 bits
  • Postamble?: 0xaa00

Checksum is CRC-8-Dallas/Maxim


Monitoring the temperature sensor with an RTL-SDR:

Not much visual feedback implemented. Haven't done any range testing. I now have a DC block to help for tuning offsets.

cd ./apps

2015-12-24 11:14:47.410101
Packet:   2dd49466376a95

ID?       2dd494
Cfg?      0x66 (Temp Scale: 6)
Temp:     0x37 ( 55)
Humidity? 0x6a (106)
Checksum: 0x95 (149) [ crcmod not present ]

23.6 C / 74.4 F

Monitoring the temperature sensor with a .cfile capture:

If you have a capture you want to analyze, you can use the following program. The default setup expects the capture file to be tuned to 915 MHz, with a sample rate of 1 MSPS. These variables can be modified on the command line. Use --help to see more options.

cd ./apps
./ -f <your_cfile>

Spoofing packets with a USRP B200

This works intermittently. Using the burst tagger from gr-mac has dramatically improved reliability, although some temperatures don't want to print. The scale is also off... so 40.0 F shows up as 40.2 F.

The La Crosse WS-9160U-IT looks for sensors the first ~2 minutes after boot. During this time, will sporadically work and set the temperature. However, after the ~2 minute period, the receiver only listens at ~15 sec intervals. My guess is if you aren't transmitting exactly when it's listening, your packet gets dropped.

Perhaps, at 1 minute, the station starts looking at 920 MHz... more later.

cd ./apps
# This starts the USRP host, and listens for packets
./ &

# This builds and sends a packet to the host, which is then transmitted
# over 915 MHz
./ 73.2

Getting this to work with other hardware!

It shouldn't be too difficult to make hardware like the HackRF and bladeRF work with this radio as well. Look at examples/temp_mon.grc as a reference implementation. You may need to add gain control specific to your radio, or add an offset tune to avoid the DC Spike. Please submit a pull request if you get it working!