A restful interface to interact with Frotz
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restful-frotz is a set of PHP scripts that will simulate a REST interface to the Z-Machine emulator FROTZ.


Project source: https://github.com/tlef/restful-frotz

Created by: Tim Lefler (tlef)

Frotz is maintained by David Griffith

Install and Setup

Installing restful-frotz on your own server is realitivily simple:

First you need to build and install DUMB-Frotz (dfrotz) which can be found at David Griffith's Frotz GitHub page.

Next you need some data files to use within Frotz. Infocom (creators of Zork) allows you to download Zork 1-3 for free from their website, and in the next step, you can point restful-frotz to the .DAT files included in these downloads .

Lastly you need to download restful-frotz and add it to a web accessible directory, and customize the config.php to match your server setup.

$FROTZ_EXE_PATH 	= '<the full path to dfrotz>';
$FROTZ_SAVE_PATH 	= '<the full path to a writable directory to store frotz saves>';
$STREAM_PATH		= '<the full path to a writable directory to store the stream files>';

$FROTZ_DATA_MAP		= array(
    '<data_id>' => '<the full path and metadata regarding a z-machine data file>',

That's it. Once installed and setup, you should be able to just visit your URL (explained below) and start playing.

Building your REST URL



Required Params

play - A flag that will indicate that this request is a gameplay action.

session_id - A unique ID used to identify your session (save). Make this as unique as you can, as anyone who has this session_id can play your game instance

data_id - The ID into the FROTZ_DATA_MAP, mapping to the data of the Z-Machine data file you want to load. (What game you want to play)

Optional Params

handler - The ID of the plugin handler to use. If not set, it will be set to default.

Plugins may also define their own additional parameters.



The default handler will not modify input, and will use http body for output.

(optional) handler - value: default - Flag telling restful-frotz to use the default handler plugin.

If no handler is defined in the http request, default will be assumed.


The JSON handler will not modify input, and will use http body to output JSON data.

handler - value: json - Flag telling restful-frotz to use the json handler plugin.


The Slack plugin is built to interact with the Slack incoming and outgoing webhooks, to allow for game playing within a specific #channel.

restful-frotz works with Slack by being targeted from an outgoing-webhook, and then posting the non-error data back to Slack via an incoming-webhook. Error data will be returned back to the outgoing-webhook. The reason we not return game data back to the outoing webhook because outgoing webhooks do not currently support Slack chat attachments.


handler - value: slack - Flag telling restful-frotz to use the slack handler plugin.

output-webhook - value: a slack incoming-webhook URL - The URL to be called to post the results of the http request.

Example URL