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Go over WebSocket

Go is an ancient game that involves two players competing on a grid for space. The goal is to surround the largest amount of area. See the above Wikipedia article for more information.

I started this project for three reasons:

  1. I like the game of Go
  2. Playing it requires a board and a bunch of stones (web is better than real life)
  3. I wanted to learn the HTML5 Canvas and WebSocket APIs

I started thinking about reason 3 during a talk at Cascadia Ruby conference in Portland, the speakers were showing off a WebSocket-based chat app that the audience was participating in.


  • Implement Pair, Set, Graph
  • hook up graph North,South,East,West edges on Board.putPiece
  • Switch the order of the board coordinates so x is first, y is second
  • Add Queue#contains
  • Vertex holds a Pair of coordinates
  • Adding makes an edge from the pairs of the adjacent vertices
  • Use new Pair, Set and Graph types
  • Add Set#remove
  • Find neighborhood of vertex
  • Implement BFS to find connected components
  • Define libertiesCount() function to count the liberties of a component
  • Handle components of size 1
  • Add scoring rules to program
  • Make grid size variable
  • Save state in localStorage
  • Add clear board button
  • Hook up a WebSocket
  • set up backend

Data Structures

The board is represented using a 2D array of Vertex objects, each of which has a color property.

The color defaults to null, but can be switched to black or white.

Each vertex is represented as a Pair of coordinates, and has up to four neighbors, for each pair of adjacent vertices, we use a Set to represent an undirected edge in a Graph.

Using the graph, a ComponentMap object is used to find the connected components, then expose an iterator that visits each component once.

edges only to adjacent pieces of same color



Have you ever played Go... on web?






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