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Installing a pre-release version

  • A released pre-release version:

    vagrant plugin install --plugin-source https://rubygems.org/ --plugin-prerelease vagrant-proxyconf
  • Development version from git repository:

    git clone https://github.com/tmatilai/vagrant-proxyconf.git
    cd vagrant-proxyconf
    # Optionally check out other than the master branch
    git checkout <branch>
    # If you don't have Ruby installed, you can use <path/to/vagrant>/embedded/bin/gem
    gem build vagrant-proxyconf.gemspec
    vagrant plugin install vagrant-proxyconf-*.gem

    Paths to Vagrant's embedded gem:

    • Linux: /opt/vagrant/embedded/bin/gem
    • OS X: /Applications/Vagrant/embedded/bin/gem
    • Windows: C:\HashiCorp\Vagrant\embedded\bin\gem