Python based & web based IDE for DTrace with Data Visualizations
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Web editor for DTrace based on Python

This is a Python & web based IDE for DTrace with Data Visualizations. Based on the script the user provided this tool will create some graphs and return some visualizations.

It basically acts like the command 'dtrace' - which is actually a consumer itself - just web based. So maybe the better name for this project would be DTrace web consumer.


  1. First install the python-dtrace consumer - please note that you currently need to fork it from github.
  2. Install numpy which is a requirement of matplotlib
  3. Install matplotlib
  4. Install django

You can install these tools using pip or easy_install.

Running the editor

First you will need to create a simple database (sqlite). The django users among you will know why :-)

python syncdb

This only needs to be done once. When done you can run the editor:

python runserver

Go to http://localhost:8000 and you will see this web based DTrace consumer. Note that this is not the way it is supposed to run in a production system.


Thanks to the folks whom created editarea which is used to get the syntax highlighting.


Use as own risk - no warranties - this is still very much work in progress - please see: issues

(c) 2012 Thijs Metsch