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A rewrite of Kite to use LLVM
C++ Shell C Kotlin Objective-C
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This repository contains the current source code for the Kite LLVM "port"
(more like a total rewrite). I hope to avoid many of the mistakes I made
when I wrote the code that would later become the 1.0 release.

Right now, enough of Kite has been implemented to allow for the execution
of simple scripts (see the tests/ folder for details). This version is 
definitely not nearly ready for prime time. You have been warned.

* LLVM >= 3.0 (install the development packages your distro provides)
* C++ compiler (tested on g++ 4.2.1 on OSX, 4.5.3 on Debian)
* Bison/Flex (for parsing)
* Boost: Regex (for System.regex)
* Boehm GC (

$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure --with-gc=/usr/local (or other path to libgc)
$ make
[wait several minutes]
$ make check
$ make install

$ ./kite
"hello world"|print;
hello world
$ ./ikt
Interactive Kite console
ikt> "hello world"|print;
---> hello world
ikt> ^D

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