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POET pipeline framework automation code.
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Poet Pipeline

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The Poet Pipeline brings modern, container based CI/CD to Jenkins.

  • Entirely container based
    • Common step functionality can be packaged and shared by developers
  • Templates allow sharing and standardization of complex or replicated configurations across different projects and teams
  • Conditions allow optional behavior and workflows based on branch, job status, or environment variables
  • Low reliance on plugins simplifies operations and maintenance

Installation and Getting Started

The POET pipeline is packaged as a Jenkins Shared Library. See Installation in our wiki.

Once the pipeline is installed, see Getting Started in the wiki to configure a project to use the pipeline.

Example Pipeline Configuration

# pipeline.yml
  appOwner: POET
  appName: poet-pipeline

    master: 1.0.0

    - name: test-pipeline
      image: gradle:5.3-jre8-alpine
        - gradle clean test jacocoTestReport


The POET Pipeline is released under the Apache 2.0 License

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