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Service to clean up your home assistant snapshots, so you don't manually have to.
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Installation instructions:

  1. Install HACS for Home Assistant
  2. Navigate to HACS Store
  3. Search for "Clean up your snapshots"
  4. Install
  5. Restart Home Assistant
  6. Generate a Long Lived Token
    1. Navigate to your profile page.
    2. At the bottom of the page you will see a section called Long-Lived Access Tokens.
    3. Click create.
    4. In the pop up give your token a name.
    5. Copy the token from the following pop up This will not be saved anywhere so put it somehwere you can find it again
  7. Copy resulting token input this in configuration.yaml:
  host: {{the url to access your homeassistant instance}}
  token: {{Long-Lived Access token}}
  number_of_snapshots_to_keep: 3
  1. Restart Home Assistant
  2. Look for the new clean_up_snapshots_service.clean_up Services in services.

Consumption in automations

You can trigger this service in an automation similarly to the one below.

alias: Daily snapshot clean up
initial_state: 'on'
  platform: time
  at: '03:00:00'
  - service: clean_up_snapshots_service.clean_up
    # Data is optional if you have defined the number of snapshots to keep in the configuration.yaml.
    # data:
      # If this property is passed to the service it will be used regardless of what you have in the configuration.yaml
      # number_of_backups_to_keep: 7


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