A Reverse-Engineer's best friend.
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What is it?

IDABuddy is a reverse-engineer's best friend. Designed to be everything Clippy the Office Assistant was, and more!

IDABuddy will always be there for you. Friendly and helpful while you work. Offering tips and friendly chat.

And best of all - since it is open-source, it will never be taken away from you!


  1. Sark
  2. Sark's plugin-loader plugin
  3. PyYAML


  1. Clone the IDABuddy repository
  2. Add idabuddy\idabuddy_plugin.py to your plugins.list (%AppData%\HexRays\plugins.list or C:\Program Files (x86)\IDA 6.9\cfg\plugins.list).
  3. Launch IDA


What can I say?

IDABuddy's messages are stored in sayings.yml.

Basic sayings are lists of strings, spoken out one after the other.

Address sayings are single strings, with {} in them to denote the location to put the address to jump to.

How do I look?

Visual settings are stored in config.yml, as well as documentation.

Available avatars:

Or create your own!

In The Press

IDABuddy was presented in a lightning talk at 32c3. Watch the video here.