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Tokyo Metropolitan University Paraphrase Corpus (TMUP)
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Tokyo Metropolitan University Paraphrase Corpus (TMUP)

TMUP is an evaluation corpus for Japanese paraphrase identification. It consists of 655 sentence pairs in total.

  • 363 paraphrase sentence pairs
  • 292 non-paraphrase sentence pairs

Candidate Acquisition Method

To acquire both paraphrase and non-paraphrase instances, we

  • generated sentence pairs using Google PBMT and NMT to acquire paraphrases
  • extracted sentence pairs from Japanese Wikipedia to acquire non-paraphrases

To acquire both trivial and non-trivial instances, we

  • calculated word overlap rate (Jaccard score) of each sentence pair and uniformly sampled candidates


Two annotators judged whether the candidates are paraphrases.

*For more details, please refer to the paper.

Data Format

label <TAB> sentence_A_ja <TAB> sentence_B_ja <TAB> source_sentence_en (if applicable)


  • 1: Paraphrase
  • 0: Non-paraphrase


If you make use of this corpus, please cite the following publication:

Yui Suzuki, Tomoyuki Kajiwara and Mamoru Komachi. Building a Non-Trivial Paraphrase Corpus using Multiple Machine Translation Systems. In Proceedings of ACL 2017 Student Research Workshop, Vancouver, Canada. July 2017 (to appear).

    author      = {Suzuki, Yui and Kajiwara, Tomoyuki and Komachi, Mamoru},
    title       = {Building a Non-Trivial Paraphrase Corpus
                  using Multiple Machine Translation Systems},
    booktitle   = {Proceedings of ACL 2017 Student Research Workshop},
    month       = {July},
    year        = {2017},
    address     = {Vancouver, Canada},
    publisher   = {Association for Computational Linguistics},
    pages     = {(to appear)},
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Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Copyright (c) 2017 TMU-NLP


For inquiry and feedback please contact the authors below:

  • Yui Suzuki <suzuki-yui at>
  • Tomoyuki Kajiwara <kajiwara-tomoyuki at>
  • Mamoru Komachi <komachi at>
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