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This is an Oh-My-Zsh plugin that has git functionality that The Network uses. Right now, its only function is to modify the console prompt play more nicely with our branch naming conventions.

To install this plugin, you can use sh -c "$(curl -fsSL". You can then add the plugin to your .zshrc. Alternatively, you can clone the repo into your ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins directory and do the same.

##Branch Naming By default, this plugin will truncate branch names to 20 characters total. Also by default, if detected, the team name at the beginning of the branch will not be displayed. However, it does make sure that the Pivotal Tracker ID will always be included at the end.

So, with the default settings, a branch like pt-custom-list-doesnt-return-results-if-there-are-values-for-hire-date-96306202 will be displayed as custom-li...96306202.

This is customizable in a few ways. You can set these options using git config --global oh-my-zsh.<option name> n.

  • max-branch-length - the maximum length of branch name that will be displayed in your prompt. Defaults to 20.
  • prefix-regex - the first match for this regex will be removed. By default, no regex is used. With the TNWInc options, every character up to and including the first '-' character will be removed.
  • prefix-length - removes n characters from the beginning of the branch name. Useful if a lot of your branches have a fix-length prefix. Defaults to 0.
  • suffix-length - ensures that n characters at the end of the branch name are included in the output. Useful if you have an ID or other fixed-length identifier appended to the branch name. Defaults to 0 with manual install , set to 8 by install script.


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