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What is Tombloo?

Tombloo is a Firefox extension for posting photographs, memos, bookmarks and quotes into more than twenty web-services, including Tumblr, twitter and FriendFeed.

You may get frightened by the large number of these services, but don’t worry, you only need to remember one simple concept:
Single interface to all the actions you want to do with the stuffs on the web.
Tombloo provides exactly the same user interface for both of writing a memo and sending a screenshot to a photo sharing service. br/>

Tombloo currently supports the web services listed below:

Tumblr FriendFeed FFFFOUND
Flickr WeHeartIt 4u
Gyazo Local Twitter
Jaiku GoogleBookmarks Delicious
FirefoxBookmark Instapaper YahooBookmarks
Snipshot HatenaFotolife HatenaBookmark
HatenaDiary HatenaStar LivedoorClip
Wassr Faves Magnolia

You only want to use one or two services? That’s fine, it’s possible for you to clean up all the unwanted options from the screen.

Tombloo recognizes how the information like permalink and author’s name are embedded in every supported website. You only need to right click on a stuff and choose Share - *** item.
Extraction is supported on the more than forty kinds of websites listed below:

Photo Photo – Amazon Photo – Flickr
Photo – 4u Photo – Snipshot Photo – Fishki.Net
Photo – Google Photo – Picasa Photo – webshots
Photo – Blogger Photo – Shorpy Photo – FFFFOUND!
Photo – Google Image Search Photo – Share-image.com Photo – Frostdesign.net
Photo – image link Photo – Upload from Cache Photo – background image
Photo – Capture Photo – LDR Photo – LDR
Video – Vimeo Video – YouTube Video – Google Video
Video – MySpaceTV Video – Dailymotion Video – Rimo
Video – Nico Nico Douga    
ReBlog ReBlog – Tumblr ReBlog – Dashboard
ReBlog – Mosaic ReBlog – Tumblr link ReBlog – LDR
Quote Quote – LDR Quote – Twitter
Quote – inyo.jp Quote – Amazon  
Link Link – LDR Link – Amazon

To summarize, Tombloo works as an information hub for the web. It enables us to extract information from various websites and post it to various websites. Any combination of sources and targets on the lists above are supported.

Tombloo is fairly fast; while supporting a large number of services, it doesn’t slow down your browser.

How to use


Right click on the link below, choose Save this link as and save it.


Drag-and-drop the file into the currently running Firefox and follow the instructions on the screen.

Post a memo

To begin with, let’s post a memo to twitter. (You can choose Tumblr or Wassr, if you prefer.)

Right click on the background on a page in your browser and …

choose Share...Text.

You will see a pop-upped form with blanks.
This is a Quick Post Form.
You can add tags and a comment to the item you are posting here.

After filling the fields, mark the web services you want to post and press Post. That’s all.

Post a picture or a quote to pre-selected services

Next, let’s get prepared for an even quicker way to post stuffs.

Choose in the menu ToolTomblooTombloo Options and you will get the following window. After selecting your favorite services and eliminating unwanted services, your posting will be even more accelerated.
This window shows supported services in rows, and posting types in columns.

The options with will be selected automatically. The options with won’t be displayed in the posting form.
For example, if you have the configuration above, every ‘Photo’ will be posted to FFFFOUND and every ‘Quote’ will be posted to Tumblr by default.
Now, you are done with the configuration. Let’s move on to a Quick Post by right-clicking a picture you want to post.

If you choose Share - Photo - Flickr here, then you get it posted to the services you have selected beforehand.
Tombloo suggests the most appropriate posting type according to the surrounding context in which you click.
In the example above, Tombloo recognizes the page as Flickr, extracts the largest image and posts it to FFFFOUND.

Similarly, if you want to post a quote from a page, choose the text on the page, open a context menu and …

choose Share - Quote.

Here, you will get the quote posted to Tumblr.
This submission goes as a background process so that you can immediately leave the page after Quick-Posting it.

This is how you do with Tombloo: Clip a stuff, post it, and move to the next without interval.
Tombloo is something like a neat knife to cook the web for you.

Post a bookmark

Finally, let’s try a post to Delicious.
Open the configuration window again, select Delicious as a default target to post a Link and open the second tab, Post

Select Delicious in Tag Provider and you will get auto-completed when you add a tag to a post.
Don’t forget to set a short-cut key like CTRL + SHIFT + D (or any other key combination) in Shortcutkey - Link Quick Post.

Let’s move on to posting.
Move to the page you want to clip and press the short-cut key you have chosen. Then, a Quick Post Form for a Link post will pop-up.
(You can use the context menu and choose Share...Link, too.)
Note that the default target Delicious will be checked already.
After finishing adding tags and comments, click the button Post or press CTRL + ENTER.
The following video shows a real example of how you use Tombloo’s Quick Post feature.

As you can see in the video, when you have a Quick Post Form shown, the text you select in a page will be added into the form immediately.
When you check a page, you may want to open the Tombloo form before you read; so that you can clip quots or write memos while you read.

Auto-completion supports fuzzy-matching of tag names.
For example, Tombloo may recognize JS as the tag JavaScript, if JavaScript is included your tag set.

That’s all for a basic usage of Tombloo.

Tombloo has various other features.
You can write a plug-in script in Javascript and fully customize the behavior of Tombloo.
We recommend you to explore the features of Tombloo in your daily life, and hope you will find the most comfortable way.
For more information, visit TIPS.

Developer / License / etc.

Tombloo is developed by:

Your donation would help a lot the development of Tombloo.
If you find Tombloo useful for you, feel free to lend your support.

Click here to lend your support to: tombloo and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

All the products created in this project are in the public domain.

Icons provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License by FAMFAMFAM