**EXPERIMENTAL** Evolution of boto. Supports Py2/3.
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An evolution of boto, supporting both Python 2 & 3.

This is not a port of boto, but a ground-up rewrite. We hope to improve on boto in both consistency & maintainability.

You can find a current version of the documentation on Read the Docs.

WARNING: This repo is unstable & the API WILL shift as time goes on. This code is NOT yet production-ready.


  • Python 3.3+ first, but also works on Python 2.6+
  • botocore==0.24.0
  • six>=1.4.0
  • jmespath==0.1.0
  • python-dateutil>=2.1

Current Status


  • Low-level Connection objects are relatively complete, but are usable now.

    • These are equivalent to the low-level *Connection objects in boto.
    • Relatively finalized, though they may eventually move down to botocore (still importable & usable in boto3 though).


  • Resource objects

    • A more Pythonic/object-y layer on top of the Connection objects
    • Easier/more natural to work with
    • Basic calls function, but you need to supply all parameters the right way (leaning on the API docs a lot) & the responses are pretty raw
  • Collection objects

    • Abstracts working with collections of Resource objects
    • Basic functionality works (creates/gets data)
    • Processing list data (.all(...))

Running Tests


Setup looks like:

$ virtualenv -p python3 env3
$ . env3/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install nose

Running Unit Tests

Running tests looks like:

$ nosetests -s -v unit

boto3 is in a state of flux, so while we strive for passing unit tests & good test coverage (currently 98%), there may be periods where some failures are present. This should no longer be the case once we reach beta.

Running Integration Tests

Running integration tests (against AWS itself) looks like:

$ nosetests -s -v integration

WARNING: Running integration tests requires a valid AWS account & WILL result in charges to that account based on usage.