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A reverse engineering tool to restore stripped symbol table for iOS app.

Example: restore symbol for Alipay

How to use

Just restore symbol of oc method

    1. Download source code and compile.

git clone --recursive
cd restore-symbol && make

    1. Restore symbol using this command. It will output a new mach-o file with symbol.

./restore-symbol /pathto/origin_mach_o_file -o /pathto/mach_o_with_symbol 

    1. Copy the new mach-o file (with symbol) to app bundle, replace the origin mach-o file with new mach-o file. Resign app bundle.

codesign -f -s "iPhone Developer: XXXXXXX" --signing-time none --entitlement ./ ./

    1. Install the app bundle to iOS device, and use lldb to debug the app. Maybe you can use the ios-deploy, or other way you like. If you use ios-deploy , you can execute this command.

brew install ios-deploy
ios-deploy -d -b

    1. Now you can use b -[class method] to set breakpoint.

Restore symbol of oc block

    1. Use command line tool(restore-symbol) to inject oc method symbols and block symbols into mach o file.

./restore-symbol /pathto/origin_mach_o_file -o /pathto/mach_o_with_symbol -j /pathto/block_symbol.json

    1. Other steps(resign, install, debug) are samen as above.

Command Line Usage

Usage: restore-symbol -o <output-file> [-j <json-symbol-file>] <mach-o-file>

  where options are:
        -o <output-file>           New mach-o-file path
        --disable-oc-detect        Disable auto detect and add oc method into symbol table,
                                   only add symbol in json file
        --replace-restrict         New mach-o-file will replace the LC_SEGMENT(__RESTRICT,__restrict)
                                   with LC_SEGMENT(__restrict,__restrict) to close dylib inject protection
        -j <json-symbol-file>      Json file containing extra symbol info, the key is "name","address"
                                   like this:

                                          "name": "main",
                                          "address": "0xXXXXXX"
                                          "name": "-[XXXX XXXXX]",
                                          "address": "0xXXXXXX"


A reverse engineering tool to restore stripped symbol table for iOS app.



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