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Loading associations doesn't work if class hasn't been loaded #27

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I ran into this problem, and, it's not a DJ problem but a YAML and Rails problem. However, since DJ makes use of YAML serializing, it is probably wise to have something like this included in DJ.

#Taken from
#Basically, when an object is deserialized and the class that was serialized
#doesn't exist, then you get back a YAML object, rather than the object you
#wanted.  The fix below will use Rails' autoloading to load the class if it's
#not already there.
YAML::Syck::Resolver.class_eval do
  def transfer_with_autoload(type, val)
    match = type.match(/object:(\w+(?:::\w+)*)/)
    match && match[1].constantize
    transfer_without_autoload(type, val)
  alias_method_chain :transfer, :autoload
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