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Extension for injecting the Facebook SDK into a Silex application
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Facebook Service Provider for Silex

Silex Service Provider for loading the Facebook SDK into your apps.

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FacebookServiceProvider uses Composer, which makes installing it dead simple.

1 -- Download Composer as per the instructions.

2 -- Add FacebookServiceProvider to the requirements of your composer.json.

"require": {
    "php": "> 5.3.2",
    "tobiassjosten/facebook-service-provider": "dev-master"

(See a full example of FacebookServiceProvider's composer.json.)

3 -- Run ./composer.phar install

And that's it! You now have FacebookServiceProvider installed into your vendor directory. Inside which an autoloader file has also been created for you.


Next you need to tell the autoloader where to look for the Tobiassjosten\Silex\Provider\Facebook namespace.

    'Tobiassjosten\Silex\Provider' => __DIR__.'/vendor/tobiassjosten/facebook-service-provider/lib',

$app->register(new Tobiassjosten\Silex\Provider\FacebookServiceProvider(), array(
    'facebook.app_id'     => '1234567890',
    'facebook.secret'     => '7de6da38beb841a75f0ac5becb215f18',

Now Silex knows all it needs and you can use the Facebook SDK in your application.

$app->get('/about', function() use ($app) {
    $tobias = $app['facebook']->api('/721814015');

    return "Brought to you by {$tobias['name']}!";


Again because of Composer, running tests are dead simple.

$ ./composer.phar install && phpunit
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