A very simple node.js server for mbtiles
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This is a fork of Christopher Helm's awesome mbtiles-server. All credit should be flung at him. The changes in this fork are:

  • The first path argument is the mbtiles file, so multiple mbtiles tile sets can be served with the same service.
  • Vector tiles are supported.
  • Some niceties on the return header (CORS, expiration, etc.).

To get it cranking, drop a mbtiles file in the server folder and:

npm install
node index.js

If you are on Windows and npm install comes back with a compilation error, try running npm install -g windows-build-tools first.

Requests look like this:


Note the extension on the end. As mbtiles-server supports raster and vector MBTILES files, it needs the extension to determine the type of file you're requesting. Make sure you use the correct extension for your tile set.