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Easy way to maintain and serve files of questions to be used as "clicker" quizzes in classes.
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Clicker quiz manager

Easy way to maintain and serve files of questions to be used as "clicker" (aka personal response) quizzes in classes.

This package uses Jekyll to create a static website meant to be used in class to show questions for clickers. The site can be served locally or put on the web, including Github Pages (but this exposes the answers as well).

You can visit a live demo running on Github Pages.


  • Each question is a simple Markdown file using kramdown syntax.
  • Questions may be organized into chapters.
  • Any number of multiple-choice options is allowed.
  • Correct answer is revealed upon a click.
  • Support for math is provided using MathJax, including use of a macros file.


  1. Install Jekyll.
  2. Download the contents of this repo into a dedicated folder.


Creating questions

The questions are stored in the _questions folder. Some examples are provided. Each question goes into one file. You can organize the files into subfolders for your own purposes, but these are essentially ignored by the final site.

Each question must start with the following header:

layout: question
chapter: Introduction
title: Frank Sinatra

(The three dashes to start and end the header are important.) Do not change the layout property. You can change the chapter and title to suit your purposes. The chapter property is used to group the questions.

To insert LaTeX math, use $ to enclose inline math and $$ to enclose displayed math. Edit the _includes/ file to add your own macros to every page.

Update chapter list

Edit the _config.yml file. The only lines you need to change are

    output: true
    - Introduction
    - Next group
    - Other stuff

You can change, add, and remove chapters in this list. They will appear in this order in the site index. Each question's chapter property must match exactly a chapter in this list in order to appear in the index. Within a chapter, the ordering is lexicographical by file name.

Build and serve the site

Once questions and the configuration are ready, build and serve the website. The typical use case is to use Jekyll to serve the site and point your browser to localhost:4000/clicker-quiz to use it. However, you can post the site to any server you wish, of course.


The file assets/main.css controls the appearance of everything, so that's where to make changes if you know what you're doing.

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