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An online utility for creating and editing braille music scores
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Braille Music Notator

Braille Music Notator is an online utility for creating and editing braille music scores. The utility provides a graphic interface for the symbols used in braille music notation, allowing sighted users to construct efficient and elegant music scores without being dependent on tactile reading or familiarity with the vocabulary of braille symbols.

Braille Music Notator is not designed to convert files to or from traditional music notation; there are other utilities available which do this. Instead, Braille Music Notator is meant to allow files to be generated in braille music notation from the outset. It can open existing braille music files (for example, files generated by a translation utility) and will attempt to parse the symbols based on context. (Because a single braille symbol can have multiple context-dependent meanings in braille music notation, this process can be tricky.)

While Braille Music Notator is primarily intended to assist sighted users to increase fluency in braille music, it is also designed to be accessible using screen readers or refreshable braille displays.

The latest stable version of Braille Music Notator is available at

About this Project

I created Braille Music Notator and brought it to version 0.9.1b in a single-developer environment and moved the project to GitHub in September 2018. I invite developers to contribute to the project on the condition that they do not make fun of my self-learned skills in HTML and JavaScript!

Because this is also my first experience with GitHub (and version control in general), a secondary requirement for contribution is patience with my beginning Git skills.

For the time being I am including recent news about the project in the Wiki here on Github.

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