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+This app isn't really designed to be scalable or that awesome or anything. I just wanted to tinker with Sinatra, and had this idea for keeping track of the amount of cookies I was owed by one of my co-workers (Dave -- who never goes to our coffee shop to get his cookies himself).
+I'll probably build upon it and make it better, but right now it's a pretty poorly-built Sinatra app. Don't judge! ;-)
+That said, just run it and you can use it to keep track of debts around the office, or just in general. Run it with "**`ruby iouUC.rb`**" in whatever directory "iouUC.rb" is in. You'll need some gems; you can install them with:
+ gem install sinatra haml sequel json
+Oh, and this has only been tested in standards-compliant browsers. No one it was originally designed for uses Internet Explorer, so I didn't bothering making special CSS for it.

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