Toggl Desktop app for Windows, Mac and Linux
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Table of Contents

Build instructions

Please check OS specific requirements below.

By default the app builds for testing server. To use the compiled app with live server see this guide

Build using Makefile

First, build dependencies:

make deps

then the app itself:


To build, then run the app:

make run

Run unit tests with

make test

and UI tests with

make uitest


You'll need these Qt (at version 5.6 or higher) modules: QtWidgets (with private headers), QtWebEngine, QtWebEngineWidgets, QtNetwork, QtDBus, QtX11Extras

If Qt is not installed from your distribution's package manager, you will need to set the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH environment variable to point to the lib/cmake folder in the Qt version you wish to use.

These dependencies are mandatory:

  • libXScrnSaver (libxss-dev in deb-based distros and libXScrnSaver-devel in rpm-based)

You can install them all in debian with a command:

sudo apt install libxss-dev build-essential libgl-dev libreadline-dev

These dependencies are optional and will be bundled if the USE_BUNDLED_LIBRARIES CMake argument is set or your system does NOT have their development packages installed:

  • POCO
  • Lua
  • jsoncpp
  • Qxt

These libraries will be bundled regardless of your system:

  • bugsnag-qt
  • qt-oauth-lib


Install dev tools

We're building the Windows app using Visual Studio Community - it's a free download

You'll need to install ActivePerl to build OpenSSL from source.

If you plan to run tests then you might want to install Cygwin.

Build OpenSSL

Use pre-built OpenSSL binaries (recommended)

Clone OpenSSL distribution provided by Poco project under the poco directory

git clone


build OpenSSL, from Visual Studio Tools, open up a Developer Command Prompt.

cd to the project folder, then

cd third_party\openssl
perl Configure VC-WIN32

Instead of do_nasm (use NASM) you can also use do_ms (no asm at all), or do_masm (use MASM). NASM can be downloaded here:;O=D

Build the app

Now, select Release_VS from the Solution Configurations combobox in the Visual Studio toolbar, and build the solution.

If you have Cygwin installed, you can also build the app from from Cygwin terminal, using make. (See macOS and Linux build instructions on above regarding make).



Toggl built and signed app for macOS is available for download. Officially MacOs 10.11 and newer stable MacOS versions are supported.


Toggl built and signed app for Windows is available for download. App has been tested on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Toggl Desktop Windows app has not been tested on Surface type touchscreen environments.

Linux (64 bit only)

Change log

Change log can be viewed at


The documentation of the code base is currently work in progress and can be found at /docs/.


Before sending us a pull request, please format the source code:

make fmt

Also, please check for any cpplint issues:

make lint

Check if unit tests continue to pass:

make test