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Flent: The FLExible Network Tester

Flent is a Python wrapper to run multiple simultaneous netperf/iperf/ping instances and aggregate the results. It was previously known as 'netperf-wrapper'. See the web site for the main documentation:

Installing Flent

Installing Flent can be done in several ways, depending on your operating system:

  • Debian and Ubuntu:

    apt install flent
  • Fedora:

    dnf install flent
  • Ubuntu pre-18.04:

    Add the tohojo/flent PPA.

  • Arch Linux:

    Install Flent from the AUR.

  • Other Linux:

    Install from the Python Package Index:

    pip install flent
  • FreeBSD:

    Install the package

    pkg install flent

    Or install the port

    cd /usr/ports/net/flent && make install
  • macOS:

    Homebrew and Python 3 must be installed (Python 3 can be installed using Homebrew)

    Install the patched netperf package

    brew tap kris-anderson/netperf
    brew install netperf-enable-demo

    Install other dependencies

    brew install fping
    pip3 install matplotlib --user

    Install Flent using pip

    pip3 install flent --user

    Optional (install this if you want to use flent-gui)

    pip3 install pyqt5 qtpy --user

Quick Start

See or doc/quickstart.rst.