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SpookyBall is a WebGPU-powered, Halloween-themed, open source Breakout clone!

Play it now at!

A SpookyBall screenshot

Work in Progress

SpookyBall is a work in progress that will likely gain a trickle of new features over time. Some things that I'm considering adding in the future:

  • Audio
  • Particle effects
  • Better UI
  • Graphical optimizations
  • More powerups
  • More interesting level progression
  • Highscore board

Slow device?

Try one of these graphics settings:

Want to peek behind the curtain?

Try Debug Mode to see some extra controls that let you toy with the game and rendering!


Standards and Tools

  • Built with Web standards such as WebGPU.
  • 3D assets edited and exported with Blender.
  • SpookyBall uses glTF 2.0 as it's model format.
  • glTF-Transform was used to significantly optimize model file sizes.
  • Textures are compressed with Basis Universal
  • Meshes are compressed with Draco

3D Assets

3D assets were all acquired from SketchFab:

This work is based on "Poly HP - Ghost" ( by Downrain DC ( licensed under SKETCHFAB Editorial (

This work is based on "Crow Lowpoly" ( by Sanya Laneev ( licensed under SKETCHFAB Standard (

This work is based on "Jack-o'-Lantern" ( by Sachi.Nishimura ( licensed under CC Attribution (

This work is based on "Energy Sphere" ( by Sirhaian ( licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial (

This work is based on "Coffins" ( by Lucas.Presoto ( licensed under CC-BY-4.0 (

This work is based on "Chapel" ( by Isengrim ( licensed under CC-BY-4.0 (

This work is based on "Grave Stones" ( by AO-INTERACTIVE ( licensed under CC-BY-4.0 (


WebGPU-powered, Halloween-themed breakout game







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