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Prepare for running ruby #40

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androbtech added some commits Feb 26, 2014
@androbtech androbtech Ruby 2.1.1 static build addition. 11bb18f
@androbtech androbtech Use 2.1.1 Ruby build. 0ffcadc
@androbtech androbtech Ensure Tokaido Environment variables are set when opening with terminal. 1b5be32
@androbtech androbtech Avoid cluttering debugging pane information. c41ccd4
@androbtech androbtech Changed the Ruby used for packaging Tokaidos gems. 2118e68
@androbtech androbtech gcc standalone not needed (for the moment) 4bf48aa
@androbtech androbtech Ruby 2.0.0 no longer needed. 01cc95f
@androbtech androbtech Moving Gemfile up to Rails 4. f276196
@androbtech androbtech The release is 2.1.1-p76 but we are still in 2.0.0 for gems. c962579
@androbtech androbtech Code from Tokaido still depends on standalone GCC tool for Apple. Bri…
…ng back to work properly and removing

old ruby builds references from Xcode.
@androbtech androbtech This is needed such that opening in terminal works properly with Toka…
…ido Environment variables.
@androbtech androbtech Refactorings, Fixes, additions for getting Ruby up and running. f5ec12e
@androbtech androbtech Ignore ruby binary zip file for tests. 59fef63
@androbtech androbtech Updated Gemfile. b617db0
@androbtech androbtech Start loading window. 9a15953
@androbtech androbtech Modified Ruby Bundled. dcd04c2
@androbtech androbtech Tokaido App model changes. 98c480b
@androbtech androbtech Major tasks on load refactored out. 944f7dc
@androbtech androbtech The progress indicator that will know what do to when loading 7819fb9
@androbtech androbtech less verbose configuration names 72c309b
@androbtech androbtech Better configuration name for socket file. 1788239
@androbtech androbtech Buffer needed to read correctly for displaying. 3594a66
@androbtech androbtech More descriptive configuration name for tokaido terminal setup enviro…
@androbtech androbtech Major configuration naming changes. 7b2f827
@androbtech androbtech Fix bug for finding out whether file or folder exists. eaa185a
@androbtech androbtech Compiler no longer needed. 70b3a46
@androbtech androbtech Use development ruby binary. 4361b29
@androbtech androbtech Refactored. 10c533d
@androbtech androbtech Clause needed. 067fdf3
@androbtech androbtech Change apps to off abrupty and save before quiting. (Fixes bug) e9e1f1f
@androbtech androbtech closed this Apr 25, 2014
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