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A WordPress plugin that will blocks any comment, pingback and trackback spams posted from outside your nation. And it will also protect against malicious access to the login form, admin area and XML-RPC from undesired countries.
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tokkonopapa (#57)
* Fix the issue that direct request to PHP files under plugins/themes directory was '404 Not found' when WP-ZEP enabled.

* Add an option in 'Validation rules and behavior' section to explicitly enable 'Metadata Exploit Protection' which was enabled by default in 3.0.17.

* Slight adjustment of styles on whois info. Prevent excessive updating DBs on old PHP.

* Update README.
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IP Geo Block


It blocks any spams, login attempts and malicious access to the admin area posted from the specific countries, and also prevents zero-day exploit.


IP Geo Block in


IP Geo API 1.1.15


  • WordPress 3.7+


This package includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from MaxMind (it requires PHP 5.4.0+), and also includes IP2Location open source libraries available from IP2Location.

Also thanks for providing the following great services and REST APIs for free.

Provider                                | Supported type | Licence
[]        [ipapi-com] | IPv4, IPv6     | free for non-commercial use
[]   [geoiplkup] | IPv4, IPv6     | free
[]           [ipinfo] | IPv4, IPv6     | free
[]            [ipapi] | IPv4, IPv6     | free for registered user, 10,000 requests/month
[]           [Ipdata] | IPv4, IPv6     | free for registered user,  1,500 requests/day
[]        [ipstack] | IPv4, IPv6     | free for registered user, 10,000 requests/month
[]      [IPInfoDB] | IPv4, IPv6     | free for registered user
[][geoplugin] | IPv4, IPv6     | free, need an attribution link


This plugin is licensed under the GPL v3.

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