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+0.46 2017-02-09T04:35:09Z
+    - Process MetaCPAN lookup in chunks (E. Choroba).
 0.45 2016-12-07T17:54:13Z

     - Update OrePAN2::Indexer::do_metacpan_lookup() to not do a search for


OrePAN2 - Yet another DarkPAN manager.


You can create your own Perl module archive with OrePAN2! It's very simple and useful.

    1. Inject tarballs from git repo or archive file via orepan2-inject.
    1. Make 02packages.details.txt.gz via orepan2-indexer.


Download a tarball from CPAN.

% orepan2-inject /path/to/darkpan/

Create 02packages.details.txt!

% orepan2-indexer /path/to/darkpan/

Then you can install Acme::Hoge from DarkPAN!

% cpanm --mirror-only --mirror=file:///path/to/darkpan/ Acme::Hoge

It's pretty easy!

What's the difference between OrePAN 2 and OrePAN1?

  • OrePAN2 has a cleaner interface.

  • OrePAN2 provides an OO-ish interface

    You can use OrePAN2 as a library.

  • OrePAN2 uses modern modules like Parse::LocalDistribution.

    OrePAN1 did a lot of heavy lifting on its own. OrePAN2 delegates most tasks to other CPAN modules.

  • OrePAN2 is active project

    OrePAN1 is now in maintenance mode, but OrePAN2 is still under active development.




Copyright (C) tokuhirom.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.