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A cross-platform BBC Micro emulator. Use your Windows/Linux PC or macOS computer to play your old BBC games or develop new BBC software.

For Windows and macOS, see the Windows installation instructions or macOS installation instructions. You can also follow the building instructions to build from source.

For Linux, follow the building instructions to build from source. There is also a b2 snap, looked after by Alan Pope (this is something I approve of, but due to lack of Linux knowledge I can't provide any support for it myself).

There's a summary of the functionality available once up and running in the overview.

You can configure how the emulator starts up using the command line options.

For creating or hacking BBC software, the debug version includes a range of debugging functionality (including an integrated debugger), and a simple HTTP API for remote control.


Please submit feedback to the b2 GitHub issues page, or post in the b2 thread on Stardot.


etc, submodules

Please consult folders and files for more info.

The contents of etc is all stuff that's freely available and distributable, included in the repo so it's self-contained, since not every dependency can be added as a git submodule.

experimental, src

Copyright (C) 2016-9 by Tom Seddon

Licence: GPL v3.

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