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Resolver plugins for Tomahawk Player
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4shared/content [4shared] API no longer returns mp3 URL, parse file page instead
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ampache/content [ampache] Register collection before fetching tracks
archive Moved dilandau to archive
authproxy [authproxy] Add basic Spotify handling
bandcamp Minor fixes, minor version bump.
beatsmusic beatsmusic: lint and strict mode fixes
beets/content [beets] Register collection before fetching tracks
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deezer/content Always extend from Tomahawk.Resolver instead of TomahawkResolver in 0…
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gmusic [GMusic] Make resolver known to collection to support collection resu…
grooveshark/content [youtube] Always prepend underscore for internally used functions' names
hatchet-metadata/content [hatchet-metadata] Fix processing of playlist links in lookupUrl
jamendo/content [jamendo] Only resolve a maximum of 5 results per track
jazz-on-line s/\t/ /g
lastfm/content Fix inclusion of parameters for artist/album/track drops.
muzebra * Renamed muzebra resolver.
netease/content [netease]change streaming server to m5
officialfm/content [officialfm] Complete rework. Moved over to 0.9 resolver API
prostopleer/content [protstopleer]title->track
qobuz/content [youtube] Always prepend underscore for internally used functions' names
rdio-metadata/content [rdio-metadata] Use official rdio blue in icon background (#008fd5)
rdio/content [rdio] Also enable functionality in lookupUrl when not logged in. Bum…
rhapsody/content [rhapsody]more cleanup
soundcloud/content [soundcloud] Also guess track name in resolve to improve results
spotify-metadata/content [spotify-metadata] Actually add iconBackground and iconWhite pngs. Fi…
spotify [spotify] Fix resolving. Bumped version to 0.3.1
subsonic/content [subsonic] Register collection before fetching tracks and properly sa…
synology-audiostation/content Make descriptions more consistent. Add periods.
test [test] Split helper function into two
tidal/content [tidal] Use Tomahawk.UrlType instead of deprecated TomahawkUrlType in…
tomahawk-metadata/content [tomahawk-metadata] Updated to 0.9 resolver api
tomahk-metadata/content [tomahk-metadata] Fix parsing of track links. Bumped version to 0.2.2
tools Add tool to query the stream URL for (artist, track, album)
vibe3/content [vibe3] add link to search result page as icon click action
vkontakte/content Mark vkontakte urls as checked as they are reliable
youtube-metadata/content Fix returning of result for actually correctly named tracks on YouTube.
youtube/content [youtube]Match newlines when parsing javascript [zv]title->track
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Tomahawk Resolvers

Supported resolvers are distributed and updated automatically through Tomahawk's Settings dialog. To manually install a resolver either

After you have the files locally, open Tomahawk's preferences and from the "Services" tab click "Install from File" and select the .axe or .js file for the resolver you are installing.

Since March 2013 Tomahawk resolvers have switched to a new directory structure for easy packaging. Ideally, you should download nightly .axe files, if available.

For developer documentation, see


Not all resolvers feature the same capabilities, this is either due to the lacking capabilities of the service they connect to or that the capability is not yet implemented. Some of the features need authentication (e.g. being a premium subscriber to this service), some can be used without any subscription or authentication at all.

Available Capabilities:

  • Resolving: Given a tuple of Artist,Track (or a triple Artist,Album,Track) return a stream URL (and some metadata about it) so that one can play this track.
  • Search: (Fuzzily) find tracks, artists and albums on all services matching a query that can be streamed.
  • Open Artist URL: Given an URL about an artist of a service, return the information about that. (This opens the artist page in Tomahawk).
  • Open Album URL: Given an URL about an album of a service, return the information about that. (This opens the album page in Tomahawk).
  • Open Playlist: Given an URL about a playlist of a service, return the information about that. (This imports the playlist in Tomahawk if it was not previously imported)
  • Open Track URL: Given an URL about a track of a service, return the information about that. (This opens the track page in Tomahawk and plays it).
  • Collection: Browse the collection of music stored by the user in this service.


  • ✔ - Supports without authentication
  • :key: - Authentication required
  • ? - Unknown
  • ✘ - No support for this capability


  • Some services can search without being authenticated but only resolve after authentication. At the moment, we do not support this in Tomahawk but this may change in future.
Resolver Resolving Search Open Artist URL Open Album URL Open Playlist Open Track URL Collection
ampache :key: :key: :key:
beatsmusic :key: :key:
beets :key: :key: :key:
grooveshark :key: :key:
jazz-on-line ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
qobuz :key: :key:
spotify :key: :key: :key:
subsonic :key: :key: :key:
synology-audiostation :key: :key: :key:
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