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DocPad plugin that upload your images to flickr
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Flickr Images Plugin for DocPad

This plugin will handle uploading images to flickr and linking them to your site in DocPad

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Work in progress

Lots of thing to do:

  • Currently the output has been made to work with fancybox, which is fine for me, but not for everyone.
  • Explain step by step how to obtain flickr OAuth keys (not so straight forward).
  • unit tests are very light and do not test any important stuff


npm install --save docpad-plugin-flickrimages


The way it works is by looking into src/files/flickr-images/#{document.flickrImagesDirectory or document.basename} for files. Where flickrImagesDirectory is set in your document's meta data, and if it doesn't exist it will use the document's basename (e.g. the basename of is my-holiday-2012). Any files inside that path will be associated to your document, and retrievable by @getDocument().getAssociatedFiles()

Lets see how this works, we have the document src/documents/

title: My Holiday in 2012

<h2>Here are some great photos from our trip</h2>

<%- @getDocument().getFlickrImage('The Eiffel Tour.jpg') %>

Then we will stick The Eiffel Tour.jpg in this folder: src/files/flickr-images/my-holiday-2012. And we'll end up with the rendered result:

<h2>Here are some great photos from our trip</h2>

<a rel="flickr-images/my-holiday-2012/" class="fancybox" data-fancybox-href="" href=""><img src=""></a>

You need to create a .env file in your docpad repository containing the following line:


Isn't that cool?


You can discover the history inside the file


Licensed under the incredibly permissive MIT License
Copyright © 2013+ Thomas Piart

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