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A library for commenting Bitbucket Server with violations from static code analyzer reports.
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Violation Comments to Bitbucket Server Lib Build Status Maven Central Bintray

This is a library that adds violation comments from static code analysis to Bitbucket Server.

It uses Violation Comments Lib and supports the same formats as Violations Lib.

Very easy to use with a nice builder pattern

  violationCommentsToBitbucketServerApi() //
    .withViolations(".*/findbugs/.*\\.xml$", FINDBUGS, rootFolder) //
    .withViolations(".*/checkstyle/.*\\.xml$", CHECKSTYLE, rootFolder) //


This software can be used:

Developer instructions

To build the code, have a look at .travis.yml.

To do a release you need to do ./gradlew release and release the artifact from staging. More information here.

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