JavaScript wrapper for the Etherpad Lite API
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Etherpad Lite API

Supports all the API calls described in the Etherpad Lite API page.


You can install it via NPM:

$ npm install etherpad-lite-client

or add it to your package.json dependencies:

"etherpad-lite-client": "0.7.x"


api = require('etherpad-lite-client')
etherpad = api.connect({
  apikey: 'UcCGa6fPpkLflvPVBysOKs9eeuWV08Ul',
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 9001,

etherpad.createGroup(function(error, data) {
  if(error) console.error('Error creating group: ' + error.message)
  else console.log('New group created: ' + data.groupID)

Certain API calls require that you pass some arguments:

var args = {
  groupID: 'g.yJPG7ywIW6zPEQla',
  padName: 'testpad',
  text: 'Hello world!',
etherpad.createGroupPad(args, function(error, data) {
  if(error) console.error('Error creating pad: ' + error.message)
  else console.log('New pad created: ' + data.padID)

Any options passed to api.connect will be passed to http(s).request as options so you can specify any .request options. All options are described

For example, if you have Etherpad configured locally, running SSL on 9001 with self signed certificates, you can configure client as follows:

etherpad = api.connect({
  apikey: 'UcCGa6fPpkLflvPVBysOKs9eeuWV08Ul',
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 9001,
  ssl: true,
  rejectUnauthorized: false

Where ssl switches EP client to HTTPS client and rejectUnauthorized: false disables CA certificate check. For more options see

Callback & Returned Data

The callback function should look like this:

function(error, data) {
  if(error) {
    // handle error using error.code and error.message

  // some code

The callback function takes two argument: error and data.


error is null if everything is fine. Otherwise it's a JavaScript object that describes what's wrong.

It has two attributes: code and message:

  • error.code
    • 1 wrong parameters
    • 2 internal error
    • 3 no such function
    • 4 no or wrong API Key
    • -1 there was problem with calling Etherpad API
  • error.message: a text representation of the error


data is a JavaScript object from the Etherpad response or null (on error).


This code is released under the MIT (Expat) license.

See the attached file LICENSE.txt for more details or visit: