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eve: simple event manager

Do you organise regular seminars and need a simple way to advertise upcoming seminars and their speakers?

eve provides an easy way to manage and render lists of both upcoming and past events. eve also generates an iCal feed of all upcoming events to enable attendees to subscribe to your events. Lastly, eve provides an URL to count number of interested attendees.

eve uses Nette framework and is written in PHP.



  • Run composer update
  • Make directories tmp/cache and tmp/log writable
  • Point your webserver to www directory
  • Open in your browser
  • Go to to open administration
  • Default login is demo and password demo

Creating a new admin user

You can remove the default user and / or create a new admin user directly in SQLite database located in app/model/events.db3 using you favourite SQLite management tool (such as DB Browser for SQLite).

When changing or creating a new password, you can enter it directly into the database in plaintext, it will be hashed first time the user logs in.

Interested attendees

Sometimes, it is useful to find out how many attendees is interested in attending the seminar, so that you can arrange a proper room or catering.

If you login to eve administration, each event will list a unique URL for RSVP. You can copy this URL into emails or forum posts and ask everybody interested in attending to click it, their interest will be recorded. If you log in, each event will then shows the total number of interested attendees.


  • PHP >= 5.6 with SQLite support
  • Apache with mod_rewrite support


MIT © Tomas Vitek