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A simple, usable, and efficient pomodoro app designed for elementary OS
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Get it on AppCenter


Keep focused on your work

Tomato is a clean, easy-to-use time manager based on Pomodoro technique. It breaks down work into intervals to keep you focused and allows you to rest during strategic periods to reward your progress. It is a must-have app if you need to avoid procrastination.

Made for elementary OS

Tomato is designed and developed on and for elementary OS. Installing via AppCenter ensures instant updates straight from us. Get it on AppCenter for the best experience.

Get it on AppCenter

Versions of Tomato may have been built and made available elsewhere by third-parties. These builds may have modifications or changes and are not provided nor supported by us. The only supported version is distributed via AppCenter on elementary OS.

Developing and Building

If you want to hack on and build Tomato yourself, you'll need the following dependencies:

  • gtk3
  • granite
  • libcanberra
  • libunity

Create a build directory

mkdir build
cd build

Use cmake to configure the build environment and run make to build


To install, use make install, then execute with com.github.tomatoers.tomato

sudo make install

Do you want to contribute?

Tomato is open source. You can contribute by reporting/fixing bugs or proposing/implementing new features.

Before getting started, read the following guidelines:

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