A simple PHP website engine and static file generator.
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PieCrust is a static website generator and lightweight CMS that's all managed with text files. No complex setup, databases, or administrative panels. Simple, beautiful, and yummy.

For more information, along with the complete documentation, visit the official website.


If you want to quickly give it a spin, from the root directory, run _piecrust/chef serve website. It should start your default browser and show you the sample website. You can then edit files and see what changes.

When you're happy, run _piecrust/chef bake website to generate the final static website, which you'll find in website/_counter.


There are 2 branches:

  • default (in mercurial) or master (in `git): that's the development branch. Everything in there is the very latest stuff, which means it may be broken, it may have backwards incompatible changes, and probably has secret undocumented features.

  • stable (in mercurial) or git-stable (in git): that's the, well, stable branch. It has all the latest bug-fixes, but new features and breaking changes are only introduced after some time being tested in the main branch. Also, this branch has version tags whenever changes are committed.

Breaking Changes

These are the latest breaking changes.

Stable Branch

  • Baking: the skip_patterns setting is now applied to the relative path of files instead of the filename. This means that patterns like /^blah/ will only skip files and directories starting with blah sitting in the root directory. A file called somedir/blah.html would still be baked, unless you change the pattern to /\bblah/ or /\/?blah/.

  • Baking: the templates_dir parameter given to chef has been deprecated. You can now more naturally specify additional templates directories in the configuration file with the site/templates_dirs setting.

Main Branch