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A set of extensions for interacting with the ReJSON module for Redis.
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NReJSON is a series of extension methods for the StackExchange.Redis library that will enable you to interact with the Redis module ReJSON. This is made possible by the Execute and ExecuteAsync methods already present in the SE.Redis library.

The following blog post by Marc Gravell was the inspiration behind this: StackExchange.Redis and Redis 4.0 Modules. He even has an example of how to call a command from the ReJSON module!


PM> Install-Package NReJSON -Version 1.0.0


I'm assuming that you already have the ReJSON module installed on your Redis server.

You can verify that the module is installed by executing the following command:


If ReJSON is installed you should see output similar to the following:

1) 1) "name"
   2) "ReJSON"
   3) "ver"
   4) (integer) 10001

(The version of the module installed on your server obviously may vary.)


In this repository there are a suite of integration tests that should be sufficent to serve as examples on how to use all supported ReJSON commands.

Integration Tests

Major Issues

The extension method for JSON.STRAPPEND doesn't work, because honestly I'm not really sure how to use the command. This is actually the first issue for the project which can be found here.

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