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Tomdroid v.0.7.5
Tomboy on Android
Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Olivier Bilodeau <>
Copyright 2012, 2013, 2014 Stefan Hammer <>

- Android 1.6 or later required

How to Install
Stable Tomdroid releases are available from the Android Marketplace. 

If you don't have access to the Android Marketplace or are willing to try
slightly less proven Tomdroid releases you can try install from 
using one of these two options:
- Directly from the phone using the browser
- Using the Android SDK with the phone connected through USB

- Directly from the phone using the browser
  On your phone:
  1- Go under Settings -> Application Settings and enable "Unknown sources"
  2- Go to with your browser
  3- Select "downloads" and click to download the tomdroid-<version>.apk
- Using the Android SDK with the phone connected through USB
  1- Download the Android SDK
  2- Install the Android SDK
     Make sure you follow the instructions on setting up your PATH.

  3- Perform Step 3 of the "Setting up a Device for Development" instructions:

  4- Plug in your device, verify if its detected by running:
     # adb devices

  5- If the device is detected then install tomdroid:
     # adb -d install tomdroid-<version>.apk

     To reinstall/upgrade:
     # adb -d install -r tomdroid-<version>.apk

NEW: Read "Tomdroid's first note" note, it will provide instructions on getting started.

For SD Card sync, here are old instructions on how to copy your notes to the SD Card.
You can either:
* Plug in your sdcard and copy the notes to it:
  # mkdir /media/sdcard/tomdroid/; cp ~/.local/share/tomboy/*.note /media/sdcard/tomdroid/

* Use adb to push the notes while your phone is plugged in by USB:
  1- Make sure /sdcard/tomdroid/ exists
     # adb shell
     > mkdir /sdcard/tomdroid
     > exit
  2- Pushing the individual note files:
     # adb push <note file> /sdcard/tomdroid/
  3- Repeat step 2 as needed.

On your phone under Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications
Or if you have the SDK installed
1- Plug in your device
2- Run:
   # adb -d uninstall org.tomdroid