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StringTemplate views for Spring Framework MVC
Java Smalltalk
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This library provides a reusable integration mechanism between the StringTemplate java template engine and the Spring MVC Framework. The pattern used is very similar to the way that the Freemarker template engine is already integrated with Spring's MVC. In addition this project provides a StringTemplateDecoratorServlet that can be used to allow StringTemplate's templates to act as SiteMesh decorators.

An example of this integration with both Spring MVC and SiteMesh can be found in the src/test/webapp/WEB-INF directory of this project and is actually used to verify runtime compatiblity with both Spring and SiteMesh.

Runtime dependencies:

  • stringtemplate 3.2.1 (required)
  • antlr 2.7.7 (stringtemplate dependency)
  • springframework 3.x (required)
  • commons-lang 2.7.7 (required)
  • sitemesh 2.4.1 (optional)

Note: Release 1.5.1 has been uploaded to the Maven Repository so you can fetch it via:

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