Client side tools for retrieving and processing Clojure doc indexes created by autodoc
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This project lets you manipulate autodoc data that's been pushed to a github gh-pages branch.

Autodoc (more info here) produces Clojure formatted index files that contain all the information that is in the HTML files in a way that can be accessed directly by a Clojure program.

This library is a convenience library to allow programmers to pull the information directly from github repositories and use it to build whatever they want withoutout having to load the library whose documentation they want to access.

To get the documentation with sources just do:

(use 'autodoc-client.retrieve)

(def docs (add-source (retrieve "" "v1.3")))

Note here that retrieve loads the index file from github (see clojure/index-v1.3.clj for an example) and add-source pulls the source data referenced from the var entries into a :source-text key in the map for that var.

You can also get a list of versions that are documented for a repo:

(versions "")
=> ("v1.1" "v1.2" "v1.3")