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Umbraco Community Slack

What is it?

A 24-7 room for Umbraco community members to chat. Loitering is encouraged.

Why does it exist?

Umbraco Community Slack was created to help all Umbracians across the world stay in touch and communicate with each other, in real time. Now we can have ad-hoc conversations about Umbraco related stuff (ok...and maybe some other things) on any given day, online.

How do I get in?

Signup by visiting, once signed up use


Code of Conduct

Please see the Code of Conduct

Creating New Channels

In order to help keep Slack approachable and maintainable, we've set up just a handful of new channels. Have an idea for a channel? Suggest it in #slack-community.

@everyone @channel, or @group

Slack provides this syntax to send mass notifications. We've chosen to keep these disabled for now given the vast timezone differences in the community. Instead, please use the #announcements channel to share big news with the world. Team Owners and Admins can still distribute notifications via @everyone, @channel, or @group, but only when warranted.

Questions, ideas, suggestions?

Post in #slack-community or create an issue on GitHub. This is an experimental project. We'd love your feedback!

Keep in mind...

This is not meant to be a replacement for forums, twitter or other official means of communication & support. We encourage you to be cognizant of whether a discussion could benefit others that may not be on Slack and share these with the community via other means.

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