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Print out tabular data on the command line using the ansi color esacape codes. Support for writing the ouput based on the fields in a struct and for defining and creating the table manully using the underlying object.

Support for colors on windows can be don using mattn/go-colorable to make a io.Writer that will work.


For creating a table yourself using the struct.

	tab := table.Table{
		Headers: []string{"something", "another"},
		Rows: [][]string{
			{"1", "2"},
			{"3", "4"},
			{"3", "a longer piece of text that should stretch"},
			{"but this one is longer", "shorter now"},
	err := tab.WriteTable(w, nil) // w is any io.Writer

simple example

With a struct slice

	data := []struct {
		Name     string `table:"THE NAME"`
		Location string `table:"THE LOCATION"`
		{"name", "l"},
		{"namgfcxe", "asfdad"},
		{"namr3e", "l134151dsa"},
		{"namear", "lasd2135"},

    err := table.MarshalTo(w, data, nil) // writes to any w = io.Writer
    buf, err := table.Marshal(data, nil) // also supports return the bytes


The nil parameter is the configuration for the table, this can be set manually, but if its left as nil the deafult config settings will be used.

type Config struct {
	ShowIndex       bool     // shows the index/row number as the first column
	Color           bool     // use the color codes in the output
	AlternateColors bool     // alternate the colors when writing
	TitleColorCode  string   // the ansi code for the title row
	AltColorCodes   []string // the ansi codes to alternate between


Go makes this part easy.

$ go get



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Tom Lazar