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Importer Plugin for Fat Free CRM

This plugin is a simple way to import data from mapped sources. Initially just for SalesForce -> Fat Free CRM For more information about Fat Free CRM visit


To obtain the correct info from salesforce:

* Go to, and login.
* Grab the following from Salesforce's web UI
      o Ensure your user has API access
      o Your Enterprise API WSDL - Click "Setup", "Develop" >> "API" >> "Generate Enterprise WSDL"
      o Your API Token Reset if needed - "Setup", "My Personal Info" >> "Reset My Security Token"
* Copy the WSDL file you downloaded to config/wsdl.xml

This version of the importer utilises DataMapper and the associated plugins. Please ensure the correct gems are installed and add this to your config/environment.rb : * config.gem “dm-core”, :version => '=0.9.11' * config.gem “dm-salesforce”, :version => '=0.9.12' Add the following files (used for defining salesforce connection and objects used for import): config/salesforce/salesforce.yml config/salesforce/wsdl.xml Setup your salesforce.yml file in the following way with your details :

  password: your_password
  security_token: full_security_token

Update CRM fields to ensure the field size are the correct sizes. Some examples:

User.username #FFCRM is only 32, suggest a change to at least 64


The plugin installs just like any Ruby on Rails plugin packaged as git. Assuming that you have Fat Free CRM up and running:

$ ./script/install plugin git://

The plugin will be installed in vendor/plugins/crm_salesforce_importer directory.

How To

To generate an 'estimate' of your DataMapper objects based upon your SalesForce setup (including custom columns), run the following:

* Salesforce::WsdlProperties.generate

This will generate a file : tmp/sales_force_import/dm_mapped_objects.rb for you to review and then override the plugin however you see fit. I strongly advise looking through the import process in salesforce.rb to ensure the right columns and data is mapped correctly. In many cases you will need to retro-fit FFCRM to include additional fields and add the mapping to the import.

Note - Overwrite the lib/data_mapper/dm_mapped_objects.rb file - I haven't cleaned it to a generic SalesForce mapped objects set yet.

To import Salesforce information into Fat Free CRM. Run the following command:

* Salesforce.import

or from rake:

* rake fatfree:importer:import_salesforce

Miscellaneous commands

  • Create connection:


  • Access Objects:

    • DataMapper::Objects::Account.first

To import SalesForce information into Fat Free CRM. Run the following commands:


- Update the properties generator to correctly use belongs_to and has_many relationships. (Awaiting dm-salesforce to be updated to datamapper 10.*)
- Extensive tests across the importer (use FakeWeb when I have access to an example SOAP salesforce response)
- Allow passed custom columns (currently manually changing the properties in the methods)
- Use mapped columns hash and loop accordingly instead of using seperate method for each major object
- Handle more salesforce objects
- Work out better way to insert comments/notes without having to monkey patch the after_create filter
- Extend notes --> comments for searching additional objects (import_notes, salesforce.rb) 
- Strip dm_mapped_objects.rb to a generic copy of salesforce with no custom fields


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