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#Processed by Id:,v 1.164 2004/10/28 17:41:59 timbl Exp
# using base file:/Users/tom/code/attentionrdf/attention.rdf
# Notation3 generation by
#,v 1.166 2004/10/28 17:41:59 timbl Exp
# Base was: file:/Users/tom/code/attentionrdf/attention.rdf
@prefix : <> .
@prefix Ont: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
Ont: a owl:Ontology;
owl:imports <> .
Ont:Attention a owl:Class;
:comment "A particular node of attention - ie. the action of a person paying attention to something."@en .
Ont:attentionOf a owl:ObjectProperty;
:comment "One or more persons or groups who are experiencing this attention fragment."@en;
:domain Ont:Attention;
:range <>,
<> .
Ont:timestamp a owl:DatatypeProperty;
:comment "The particular point in time and space at which this attention fragment happened."@en;
:domain Ont:Attention;
:range xsd:dateTime .
Ont:location a owl:DatatypeProperty;
:comment "Any number of locations at which this point happened. Only to be specified if geo-location is relevant."@en;
:domain Ont:Attention;
:range <> .
Ont:uri a owl:DatatypeProperty;
:comment "The unique resource indicator that represents the substantive content of the attention."@en;
:domain Ont:Attention;
:range xsd:anyURI.